Cobo Winery


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About Us

The Çobo family has a long tradition of producing wine, dating back to the early 1900's. When the communist regime took power in 1945, the Çobo family tradition, along with many other traditions throughout Albania, were forced to stop. Private enterprises were not allowed, therefore ending Çobo's winery. To learn more about the Çobo tradition, please read About Us.


"My great grandfather started the wine making tradition, in a village near Shpiragu Mountain. He told his son, who told his son and so on until the stories reached my brother and me."
- Muharrem Çobo


Our Wine

Çobo wine was born out of family tradition. It is also a 100% Albanian product. It is made from all Albanian grown grapes, produced by Albanians, and bottled in Albania. Çobo Winery currently produces five premium wines, Trebiano, Kashmer, Shesh i Zi, Shesh i Bardhë, and E Bardha e Beratit, and two rakis, Raki më Arra and Raki Rrushi. Albanians have produced wine and raki in their homes for hundreds of years; they are long standing traditions. During communism, these traditions faded. We maintained our tradition through the memories and stories of elder family members. With the advent of democracy in Albania, we revived our tradition. We are proud to present it to you—our vineyards, the winery, and the wine—and we invite you to taste it, where it was produced. Read more about our wines and rakis


Tour Çobo

Our winery consists of several vineyards, a winery, the family's house, and a wine presentation and tasting room. Our facilities are open for tours and events by scheduled appointment. English, Albanian, and Italian are spoken. The winery is located in the historic region of Berat, in south-central Albania. Berat is a UN World Heritage Site, and has been continuously inhabited for the previous 2,400 years. For more information about touring Çobo and the surrounding area, please visit the Touring Çobo page.