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E Bardha e Beratit

E Bardha e Berati, "The White Grapes of Berat", is a product of the puls grape, found only in this region. Traditionally used to make raki, wine was first produced in 2003. This is the second of Çobo's signature wines.


  1. Name of product: “E bardha e Beratit” (“The White of Berati”).
  2. Name of wine producer: ÇOBO.
  3. Address of wine producer: Ura Vajgurore, Berati, Albania.
  4. Name of cultivar, of which the wine is made: “Puls i Bardhë” (“White Pulse”).
  5. Other synonymic names: Not applicable.
  6. Origin of cultivar: “Puls i Bardhë” (“White Pulse”) is an autochthonous Albanian cultivar belonging to “Proles Pontica” family. It forms a cluster of an average weight equal to 150 grams. It ripens during October 10-20. Its berry is of medium size. At the time of ripening, it contains 20-23 % sugar, and 5.5-6.5 grams of tartaric acid per litre.
  7. Destination of production: White wine.
  8. Geographic region of cultivation of vineyards with “Puls i Bardhë” (“White Pulse”) cultivar: The grape, of which the wine “E Bardha e Beratit” (“The White of Berati”) is made, is gathered from the vineyards and pergolas cultivated in Berati region consisting of lands situated in the montane area in an altitude of 400-700 meters above sea level. This region is not affected by sea winds. The vineyards are treated in a minimum way (2-3 sprays a year are applied). They are not treated with pesticides.
  9. Characteristics of wine:

·       Colour: It has a uniform yellow straw colour with light green hints.

·       Aroma: It has the fragrance of flowers, being the typical aroma of “Puls i Bardhë” (“White Pulse”.

·       Taste: It is a dry wine. It has good body and bouquet. It causes a slight irritation on your throat, leaving a long taste sensation behind.

·       Effervescence. It is a still wine.

·       Usage: This wine is advised to be consumed in temperature 10-12 °C, mainly accompanied with fish.