Cobo Winery



Kashmer is a special blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Shesh i Zi varieties. It is a family specialty and is one of two signature wines and is produced and sold exclusively by Çobo Winery.


  1. Name of product: “Kashmer”.
  2. Name of wine producer: ÇOBO.
  3. Address of wine producer: Ura Vajgurore, Berati, Albania.
  4. Name of cultivar, of which the wine is made: Mixture of “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”) and “Merlot” cultivars.
  5. Other synonymic names: Not applicable.
  6. Origin of cultivars: “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”) originates from Albania, whereas “Cabernet” and “Merlot” cultivars are international ones and belong to “Proles Occidentalis” family. They have been being cultivated in Berati region since 1980.
  7. Geographic region of cultivation of vineyards with the above-mentioned cultivars: The grape, of which the wine “Kashmer” is made, is gathered from the vineyards cultivated in the hilly zone of Berati region, situated 200-500 meters above sea level.
  8. Characteristics of wine:

·      Colour: It has a red colour. The intensity of the colour is high due to the role of “Merlot” and “Cabernet” cultivars.

·      Aroma: You can smell the mixture of the fragrances of “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”), “Cabernet” and “Merlot” cultivars. In addition to these, you can also smell the fragrance of wood because this kind of wine is kept in wooden vessels (French containers, 225 litres).

·      Taste: It has a harmonious taste and contains a bit of tannin, which causes a slight twist of tongue and throat. The taste sensation and the effect it leaves behind last for a long time.

·      Effervescence: It is a still wine.

  1. Usage: This wine is advised to be consumed in temperature 18-20 °C, accompanied with rich meat dishes.