Cobo Winery


Shesh i Bardhë

Shesh i Bardhë is Çobo's presentation of a traditional Albanian white wine. The wine is named for the succulunt variety of grape from which is it produced.


  1. Name of product: “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”).
  2. Name of wine producer: ÇOBO.
  3. Address of wine producer: Ura Vajgurore, Berati, Albania.
  4. Name of cultivar, of which the wine is made: “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”).
  5. Other synonymic names: Not applicable.
  6. Origin of cultivar: “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”) is an autochthonous Albanian cultivar belonging to “Proles Pontica” family. It forms a cluster of an average weight equal to 200-250 grams. It ripens during September 20-30. Its berry is of medium size. At the time of ripening, it contains 21-24% of sugar, and 5.7-6.5 grams of tartaric acid per litre.
  7. Destination of production: White wine and fresh table served fruit grapes.
  8. Geographic region of cultivation of vineyards with “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”) cultivar: The grape, of which the wine “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”) is made, is gathered from the vineyards cultivated in the Communes of “Ura Vajgurore” and “Roshniku”. The vineyards with “Shesh i Bardhë” (“White Field”) cultivar are cultivated in the lands of slight slope, situated 100-300 meters above sea level.
  9. Characteristics of wine:

·         Colour: It has a yellow straw colour.

·       Aroma: It has the fragrance of flowers, but that of ripe apple fruits is dominant.

·       Taste: It is a dry wine. It has a nice bouquet. It causes a slight irritation on your throat. The taste sensation it leaves behind lasts for a medium period of time.

·       Effervescence: It is a still wine.

·       Usage: This wine is advised to be consumed in temperature 10-12 °C, mainly accompanied with fish and first light dishes.