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Shesh i Zi

Shesh i Zi is the red variety of the shesh grape. There are many variations in the flavor and color of shesh wine. We have diligently selected the saplings used to cultivate our vineyard to ensure a full-tasting wine.


  1. Name of product: “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”).
  2. Name of wine producer: ÇOBO.
  3. Address of wine producer: Ura Vajgurore, Berati, Albania.
  4. Name of cultivar, of which the wine is made: “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”).
  5. Other synonymic names: Not applicable.
  6. Origin of cultivar: “Black Field” originates from Central Albania, Tirana region, and belongs to “Proles Pontica” family. It forms a cluster of an average weight equal to 200-250 grams. It ripens during September 25-October 15. The colour of the peel of its berry is metallic black. At the time of ripening, it contains 20-23% of sugar, and 6-7 grams of tartaric acid per litre.
  7. Destination of production: Red wine, brandy and table service.
  8. Geographic region of cultivation of vineyards with “Shesh i ZI” (“Black Filed”) cultivar: The grape, of which the wine “Shesh i Zi” (“Black Field”) is made, is gathered from the vineyards cultivated in the hills of Berati region, situated 200-400 meters above sea level.
  9. Characteristics of wine:

·       Colour: It has a red ruby colour with violet hints.

·       Aroma: It has the fragrance of forest fruits, of unripe plum and apple fruits.

·       Taste: It has pleasant sourness and contains a bit of tannin, which causes a slight twist of mucus. The taste sensation and the effect it leaves behind last for a relatively long time.

·       Effervescence: It is a still wine.

·       Usage: This wine is advised to be consumed in temperature 16-20 °C, accompanied with cheese and meat dishes.