Cobo Winery


Tours and Events

The Çobo Winery is scenically nestled at the base of Mt. Tomorri in the rolling hills that surround the city of Berat. Çobo's facilities currently consist of several cultivated vineyards, a spacious kulla (a form of traditional Albanian architecture), and the winery itself, and a wine presentation room, elegantly constructed and furnished in the Berat style. A tour of the facilities includes an extensive viewing of the wine making process and detailed explanations, punctuated by alternating poignant and comic vignettes that paint a glowing picture of the family's history and the origins of their wines. After the tour of the grounds, guests are invited to share a glass of wine and exchange stories with a member of the Çobo family while enjoying a variety of homemade Albanian cheeses and locally-grown olives.

Tours are available by scheduled appointment, and typically last between two and four hours, depending on the size and wishes of the group. Tours are offered in English, Italian, and Albanian. The elegant wine tasting room can also be used as a banquet hall as needed. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a tour.